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DIGNITY ACTION DAY – February 1st 2016

Written On by Susan in Derbyshire Care Home


1st  February 2016

‘Dignity Action Day’  highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people

Everyone was invited to our Dignity Action Day,  Residents, Staff and Residents friends and families.  It involved group discussions   ‘What does Dignity mean?’   and workbooks to read and fill in to help understand the true meaning of Dignity.

Staff put themselves into residents shoes for the day, being assisted to dine, being hoisted and stand aided from chair to bed etc. which I can tell you is a scary experience unless the persons moving you completely understand communication skills giving you confidence in the manoeuvre.

The residents laughed out loud at the sight of  their carers being in their shoes for the day (but must admit we did make a meal out of it and took full advantage of the attention)    !!!!!!!!

Here are a few quotes written from people made on the day to hang on our Dignity Tree

“To me it is keeping myself clean, well dressed and tidy”   Jean C  (Room 49)

“It is very important to me to be treated with dignity”  Jean (Resident)

“Patience and Understanding”        staff member  anonymous

“Ensuring I am cared for – like having creams applied         Norman (Resident)

” To be mindful, thoughtful and respectful during personal care ”      anonymous

“I like to be treated like a normal person and make my own choices”   Mary Atkin     (Resident)

“To have pride in what you are doing”         Enid Longdon   (Resident)

“Treat people like how I want to be treated”      Amanda (Deputy Manager)

“Being recognised as a person in the community who has a lifetime of experiences”   Janet Rm   1

“Patience and Understanding”       Anonymous

“Being treated with respect”        Beryl   (Resident)

“To be treated as an individual and respected”       Becky    (staff member)

“People often feel dignity is compromised when privacy is taken away”   Barbara (staff)

“Effective listening and to carry out our wishes”   Anonymous Resident

“Having the choice over my daily routine”      Laura Bassnett (staff member)

“To be mindful, thoughtful and respectful during personal care”    Anonymous

“The choice to do things for myself or have help”     Rita  (Resident)

“To enjoy a sherry or glass of wine if I wish”       Ted  (Resident)

“Treat others as you wish to be treated”         Joyce (Resident)

“To be kind and helpful and friendly”      Edith  (Resident)

“Being recognised for the person I am and the things I have achieved in my life”   Lesley  (staff member)

“Treat people like how I want to be treated”     Amanda  (staff member)

“I may loose many things in life but if I loose my dignity I have nothing left”    Sue   (staff member) 


I do hope you enjoyed reading what Dignity means to ourselves and others and enjoyed the photos.  I will try and get you some photo’s with staff members up in the hoist.  Watch this space !!!!!